For a quick look at my work, check out my Animation Demo Reel and Layouts and Design Portfolio


Some Feature Layouts

Not too long ago, I worked on a loosely pirate-themed (animated) feature film set in 1952 Nova Scotia.  I did a lot of layouts - some of which I'll upload and share.  Here are a few:


Animation Demo Reel

This is my Animation Demo Reel, from April 2014.  A collection of scenes from my work on my student film and assignments.

Animation Demo Reel - Apr 14 from Ewart on Vimeo.

Design and Layouts - Student Film

For our final year at school, we got to do our own short film.  I teamed up with a partner and worked on a project called Godmother.

As part of this project, I was the one to head the location design and supervise  (and handle the majority of) layouts.  There were two major locations, both of them interiors - A Fairy Godmother's home, and the bedroom of a spoiled princess.

All of the designs and layouts were done completely digitally in photoshop, from rough to clean.  The concept thumbnails were all done on paper in marker and pencil.

The Fairy Godmother's Location Design & Concepts

The Princess's Location Design & Concepts

A View of The Fairy Godmother's home

A View of The Fairy Godmother's home

Layouts Work - Jam Filled Entertainment

This past summer, I had the opportunity to work with Jam Filled Entertainment, doing layouts for Camp LakeBottom.  It was a great experience and a fun show to work on.  Here is a sample of some of my work:

Some Life Drawing Gestures & Poses

Some Life Drawing I've done, over the past little while.  A selection of Long Poses, Studies and Gestures.


Location Design - City Park

This is a sample of location design that I worked on, as part of a 2nd year student film.  I had the pleasure of designing our city park location, from concept thumbs to final rough-clean designs.

The concept thumbnails were done in marker, and the designs were done in pencil.  

Location Design - City Park

Location Design Concept Thumbs

Location Design - City Park, Rough

City Park Pan

This City Park pan is from my 2nd year at Algonquin College as part of our final group film assignment.  I worked as location designer and layout artist and based my designs largely off New York's Central Park.

The artwork was done in pencil on full, 37" pan paper - from rough to clean.  I've included some concept and rough work, done in tonal markers.

Full Rough-Clean of The Pan

A Collection of Rough and Concept Work