For a quick look at my work, check out my Animation Demo Reel and Layouts and Design Portfolio

Layouts & Design

This is my online collection of Layouts, Locations and Designs.  

It is a sample of work I've done, including:
- Layout work for Jam Filled Entertainment on Camp LakeBottom
- Layouts and Location Design & Concepts for my student film, Godmother
- School assignments

This pan was a 2-part school assignment.  First, the pan itself - roughed and cleaned traditionally on full 37" Pan Paper.  Then, the shaded version - done digitally in Photoshop

The Full Shaded Pan

The Pan in all it's stages, from concept to tonal

In my final year at school, I worked as part of a duo on a student film called Godmother.  I was overseeing the location design and layouts for the film and have included a selection of locations, concept thumbnails and finished layouts.

Concept thumbs and location design for our film

Concept thumbs and location design for our film

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to do layouts at Jam Filled Entertainment, working on Camp LakeBottom.  Here is a sample of my work:

While in our 2nd year of school, we worked on group films.  Our film took place in a city park and I was overseeing Location Design and Layouts.  This is a sample of my work on the film:

City Park Pan

The park pan - from concept thumbs to full clean

Location Concept Thumbnails - done in marker

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